Don't look for something to sell, look for someone to sell to

Por Daniel Ayala

Publicado el 2021-01-24

If you are looking for what to sell on the internet, do not rack your head thinking about what product to sell.

Don't look for what to sell, look for who to sell to.

It is one of the secrets that one of my mentors gave me when he started in the world of ecommerce.

At first I did not understand or at least I did not know what to do based on this, however, it is one of the best tips I have been given.

The job is to search through keywords as people search and you can do this on the platform where you want to operate.

Whether you want to sell on your page, you can search by keywords of the product or service in Google, MercadoLibre, Amazon etc.

All platforms have a search engine, and it is an intuitive tool that gives you results in real time, that is your most important tool to start finding niches.