Entrepreneur life ....vision, heart and cojones

Por Daniel - Ayala.Digital

Publicado el 2022-10-02

Many times I have been asked why I decided to change a job which earned well, having benefits, paid vacations, among other benefits, to start a business which at times generates stress, I do not always have free time, among other details.

One always believes that entrepreneurship will give you free time and financial freedom in a short time and that is not the case, in my case and I am sure that in that of many, the road is long and difficult. With many challenges along the way.

I am not writing this post to discourage those who are trying to start a business. Mainly to give my testimony of what this life is.

If you asked me if I recommend entrepreneurship. My answer is yes, but keep something in mind. For this you must consider 3 things:

Vision.- Know what you want based on market and financial research.

Heart.- To work hard every day necessary.

Cojones.- To overcome difficult moments.

This publication is dedicated to all those who have undertaken it, who have experienced long nights, a lot of stress, headaches to maintain their sleep. My respect to everyone.